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A Computer in Your Pocket

Spectrul SuperPhone is the future. It’s merging the boundaries between a phone and the laptop. It’s about a single device to power them all. With Spectrul you will have a powerful mobile computer in the palm of your hands. Spectrul connects to all your devices through the Spectrul wireless HDMI key.

You will never again have to lug around or charge multiple devices. Spectrul SuperPhone simplifies your life. The future is a singular device to power them all.

spectrul SuperPhone

Browse, View, Edit and Play

With the Spectrul SuperPhone in Your Pocket, apps take on a whole new meaning. You will soon be able to use the same apps, view the same photos and play the same games whether you’re at your desk, sitting on the couch, or traveling downtown. You never again have to worry about starting and finishing tasks on your phone or the laptop.

Spectrul will simplify your life.

Single device

A single device for all your files, documents, music, photos and movies. Never again sync files between devices. Spectrul simplifies life. Spectrul and SpectulCloud will store all your memories.

spectrul SuperPhone

Single experience

Whether your are on a large monitor or relaxing on the couch, Spectrul provides a single Interface and experience

spectrul SuperPhone

What is Spectrul?

By connecting Spectrul to your monitor or the tv wirelessly you now have a full desktop computer in your pocket. Spectrul is the world’s first SuperPhone; based on the android operating system with all your favourite apps.

spectrul SuperPhone

Android platform

Breath new life into your android apps. Spectrul enhances your existing android apps by providing a simple and consistent user experience whether you're using listening to music on the go, playing games on your couch or editing those amazing photos like a pro.

spectrul SuperPhone

Revolutionary power

With android at its core, Spectrul provides the flexibility and power of a modern platform while building a culture of simplicity and style. Together with the community we will lay the foundations for new convergent apps, wearable technology, and the revolutionary experiences ahead.

There’s no need to upgrade all your devices every 2 years. With Spectrul SuperPhone it’s about a one device for your digital life.

Clock speed 2 GHZ
Processor 8 cores
Memory Min 2 GB
Storage Min 16 GB
Card storage up to 128 GB
Cloud storage 100 GB spectrul cloud
Network 4G LTE

The SuperPhone is the future, join the community and make it our reality.

Entertainment hub

All your videos and movies with you everywhere you are. Unleash the world of entertainment from your SuperPhone; by connecting to any TV or monitor wirelessly. You now can launch Net Flicks, Hulu, YouTube and other streaming of videos direct from your phone everywhere you are.

spectrul SuperPhone

The next console

Spectrul is also designed to help you unwind. By connecting Spectrul to your tv, Spectrul turns into the next gen gaming console allowing you to play your favorite games against your friends.

Gamers should never have to choose between the living room, office or bus to play their favorite games. That’s why we set out to destroy those barriers which divide all PC, console, and mobile gamers by providing the best portable experience with beacon support and a revolutionary console experience with connected accessories.

spectrul SuperPhone

Only buy one SuperPhone

You only need to buy one device, Its about one device used in different ways to replace how we use our current devices.

spectrul SuperPhone